Given enough time, a random process will build anything. God like. Nothing else is needed, no divine presence, no ‘law of nature’, no basic principle of reality. Take any outcome, however complex (e.g.: the human brain), and it will be properly assembled from randomly dancing atoms and molecules, with no direction, no additional intelligence, no optimization technique. The combination of randomness and infinity is all powerful.

Alas, our best scientific theories of reality identified the “Big Bang” as the birth event of the universe, some 14.7 billion years ago. It’s a long time, but not infinity. Ready calculation will show that for dancing atoms and molecules to form a functional single DNA molecule (not to speak about the proteins), one requires more randomization resources than are available since the creation of the universe. And the fact the living cells do exist all around, does imply that life was created by another influence beyond statistical progression. Science per se does not allow room for anything science cannot math-define, and number-measure, so the best that science can do is to modify the above epitaph:

God = Not-Quite-Infinity + Randomness + {Something Else}

“Something Else”, is a non scientific entity with impact on the measured physical reality. That is religion, brought about by the scientific theory of the Big Bang